Lixel Kity K1
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Lixel Kity K1

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Part Number LKK1
Lixel Kity K1 3d Scanner product image- animated GIF

Compact Yet Powerful

Lixel Kity K1

Compact Handheld 3D Scanner

Lixel Kity K1 is X Grid’s compact handheld scanning and modeling device. It is a lightweight, portable, and powerful 3D LiDAR scanner. Weighing in at less than 1kg (2.2 lbs), the Kity K1 integrated 56-million-pixel panoramic vision modules and a 360o LiDAR, capable of real-time generation of centimeter-level colorized 3D models.

Tailored for professional, small-to-medium-sized businesses, and 3D enthusiasts, the K1 offers a powerful, yet convenient solution for 3D capture and modeling.

Lixel Kity K1 3d Scanner product image

Compact Performance:

The Kity K1 integrates RGB vision, LiDAR, internal navigation, and high-performance computing.

  • • IP54 Rated
  • • 200,000 points/second
  • • 1.2cm Accuracy
  • • 40m Scanning distance
  • • 56 MP Panoramic Camera

Easy to Use

  • Step 1: Pick it Up
  • Step 2: Walk
  • Step 3: Scan

3D Modeling is as simple as taking a stroll

Young woman holding the Lixel Kity K1 3d Scanner in one hand and smiling

Real-Time Modeling; Vivid Reconstruction

Image of real-time 3d modeling on a mobile phone

The combination of the dense laser point cloud and the 56 MP image allows the device to generate richly colored, finely detailed, colorized, 3D point cloud models in real time!

Upgraded Multi-SLAM, Stable Capture

Multi-sensor data fusion, including laser, vision, and GNSS data, ensuring stable scanning with enhanced scene adaptability.

Lixel Kity K1 image of an outside building corridor

Unlock the Cyber World

Professional-Grade Performance at a Consumer-Grade Price

Lixel Kity K1 image of an outside building corridor

Industrial Application Scenarios

Lixel Kity K1 3d Scanner being used to survey a building structure to illustrate real estate surveying

Real Estate Surveying

Illustration of digital twins

Digital Twins

Image of city street at night with neon signs and people walking

Media & Gaming

Image of an outdoor scenic landscape with chaparral and a path under a blue sky on a sunny day

Culture & Tourism

four small inset images showing additional solutions for topographical mapping, forestry surveying, smart city, and engineering surveying.

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