Anatum's Arrow Quick-Release Pole Adapter Kit

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Tired of how long it takes to mount or un-mount an Arrow receiver and antenna on your survey pole?

This Arrow Quick-Release Pole Adapter kit reduces mounting time to a matter of seconds!

This adapter kit mounts on a 5/8" survey pole.  Once mounted, the user need only press the quick-release button to remove the entire section holding the Arrow receiver and antenna.  Works with any brand of 5/8" threaded survey pole.
  • Quick-Disconnect 3-inch adapter
  • Quick-Release 1-inch adapter
  • Carbon fiber 3.5-inch pole extension

*Arrow receiver, antenna, and survey pole are not included.  Arrow 100 users will need the Eos Pole Mounting Kit with the antenna mounting plate, pole clamp, Arrow bracket, and short antenna cable.

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