Eos Arrow Lite GPS
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Eos Arrow Lite GPS

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WORK with your favorite mapping app on any device!

Made for iPhone, iPad, Windows and Android compatibleThe Arrow Lite from Eos Positioning Systems was designed specifically with GIS users in mind. It squeezes more accuracy from GPS SBAS corrections than any other receiver in the world. With its patented technology, you can use the Arrow Lite under trees, around buildings and in rugged terrain where other receivers will fail to deliver. Your efficiency will be optimized because you'll get real-time results in the field! No post-processing is required.

High-Accuracy SubMeter GPS receiver for your smartphone, tablet or notebook computer

Arrow Lite Submeter GPS

The Eos Arrow Lite is designed specifically to use with a variety of mobile devices, including your smartphone, tablet or notebook computer. The Arrow Lite incorporates rock-solid, wireless Bluetooth®technology that works with Android, iOS or Windows® devices, making it obsolete-proof. Contemplating switching from an iPhone to an Android phone or vice-versa? No problem, the Arrow Lite works smoothly with both.

Use the Mobile GIS Software of your choice

Seems like a new Mobile GIS software is being offered each week? With the Eos Arrow Lite you will not be tied to legacy GNSS receiver hardware or GIS software, the Arrow Lite will grow with you. The Arrow Lite feeds submeter accuracy to every app on your Android or iOS device, even Google or Apple maps!

Real-time, World-wide Accuracy

The Eos Arrow Lite takes advantage of the free GPS SBAS corrections available in each geographical region: WAAS in North America, EGNOS in Europe and North Africa, GAGAN in India, MSAS in Japan to provide 60 cm real-time accuracy. For South America, Australia and Central and South Africa, where free SBAS is not available, Eos has partnered with OmniSTAR to offer real-time, sub-meter accuracy.

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