Anatum's Matrice 210 V2 RTK Inspection Kit
Anatum's Matrice 210 V2 RTK Inspection Kit

Anatum's Matrice 210 V2 RTK Inspection Kit

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Part Number: DJI_M210_V2_RTK_D-RTK_V2-2_Inspec_Kit


Anatum's customized Matrice 210 V2 Inspection Kit is the perfect platform for users who require an elite, yet affordable infrastructure inspection solution. The package includes the standard DJI kit with the rugged DJI Matrice 210 V2 RTK and is paired with DJI's DRTK base station system, which designed to provide the user with centimeter grade mapping accuracy. Then to complete the package:

  • DJI Matrice 210 V2 RTK and D-RTK V2 standard kit
  • Zenmuse XT2 thermal by FLIR
  • Zenmuse Z30 camera with 30x optical zoom and 6x digital zoom
  • Additional TB-55 Intelligent Flight Battery (4 units)
  • Tripod for the D-RTK V2 base station

Anatum’s custom Matrice 210 Series V2 Inspection Kit (Kit) has been tailored to meet a variety of application needs. The Kit features the capable and rugged Matrice 210 Series V2 and has been outfitted to dual optic payloads to handle whatever aerial inspections or assessments that are required. The Kit has the versatility to be an essential tool in the fields of Utility monitoring, Energy development, Infrastructure inspection, Construction and Engineering oversight, and/or Public Safety support.

The kit features the DJI Matrice 210 V2, which has been designed with durability and versatility in-mind, allowing the system to operate safely and securely in less than ideal conditions. The 210 V2’s unique foldable design ensures that the system can be easily transported to the jobsite, wherever that may be.

The Matrice 210 V2 platform is engineered to be customized and features two downward or one upward gimbal which can power a variety of different Zenmuse gimbal cameras or third-party payloads. This system allows for a multitude of configurations to meet a variety of needs.

Anatum has designed this kit with versatility, diverse inspection capabilities in mind and has equipped the Matrice 210 V2, with the Zenmuse Z30 high resolution zoom camera lens and the Zenmuse ZXT2 Tau 2 thermal imaging sensor. Combined these systems can handle a variety of inspection and assessment and provide unparalleled perspectives.

Zenmuse Z30

Aerial platforms are becoming an essential tool for businesses as they allow operators to efficiently and safely asses and inspect their resources and collect information that would previously not be possible. The Zenmuse Z30 was design with these situations in mind. The Z30 is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Matrice airframe and will work right out of the box. The Zenmuse Z30 is the first integrated aerial camera with an optical zoom up to 30x and a digital zoom up to 6x for a total magnification up to 180x. Making it the most powerful integrated aerial zoom camera on the market.

This is the perfect platform for inspecting wind turbine generators, cell towers, and industrial facilities, as it provides a detailed look at equipment, structures, and wires from a greater distance, which allows for a faster and safer inspection and it ensures that the operator and the drone are not put into a harmful situation. Additionally, the system can be helpful in emergency response situations as it provides the command center with high accuracy eye’s in the sky form a safe vantage that will not put the drone at risk or interfere with actions on the ground.

The camera features a F1.6 -4.7 aperture which ensures it can capture high quality imagery even in low light situations, and the zoom range is equivalent to a 10-1200mm focal length. The 0.01o +/- angular vibration gimbal ensure smooth imagery, even when zoomed all the way in.

The Z30 secures quickly to the M210 V2, providing pilots with a combined solution that can provide an up-close perspective from afar and offers a unique perspective that would not either wise be available.

Zenmuse XT2

The XT2 is a robust dual sensor thermal system, capable of capturing a combination of FLiR’s advanced radiometric thermal and 4k visual imagery. Additionally, this functionality is housed in an IP44 rated weather-resistant casing and is designed to seamlessly integrate with DJI’s Matrice platforms.

The XT2 onboard Machine Intelligence empowers operators to understand thermal imaging data in real-time. 

The XT2 includes pre-built tools such as:
  • Temperature Alarm notifications;
  • Heat Track, auto lock-on hottest objects in view;
  • FLiR MSX, visual and thermal imaging overlay;
  • Instant spot temperature check
  • Quick Track object lock-on;
  • Isotherms, customized temperature band;
  • Customizable palette adjustments;
  • PiP - Thermal and Visual imagery

This system is perfect for energy facility and utility line inspections, photovoltaic solar array inspections, providing agricultural insight, providing roofing assessments, or to support firefighting and search and research efforts.

The XT2 secure quickly to the M210 V2, providing pilots with a combined solution that can provide a rugged and unique thermal vantage. The enhanced optics and rugged capabilities of the M210 V2 and XT2 platform allow operators to work confidently in low-light and low-visibility conditions, and strong winds and light rain.


  • FPV Camera - see what the drone sees
  • Anti-collision Beacon - top and bottom anti-collision beacons makes for safer operations
  • Obstacle Avoidance - FlightAutonomy system with front, bottom, and upper detecting sensors for precise hovering and obstacle avoidance
  • AES-256 Encryption - keeps your data transmission secure
  • Maximum Transmission - more reliable flight with automatic dual-frequency band switching up to 8km
  • Discreet Mode - all lights can be turned off if needed for night operations
  • Mobile SDK Compatibility - develop personalized mobile apps for flight and data collection
  • DJI SkyPort Compatibility - an adapter that secures and integrates payloads with drone
  • TimeSync - continuously syncs flight controller, camera, GPS module, and payloads

Obstacle Avoidance

A robust FlightAutonomy system with front, bottom, and upper sensors detect and avoids obstacles while enabling precision hovering so that you can fly with confidence.

Anti-Collision Beacon

Equipped with new top and bottom anti-collision beacons, the V2 drones are visible at night or in lowlight conditions, making operation in less than ideal conditions safer.

DJI AirSense

With built-in ADS-B receiver, the DJI AirSense technology enhances airspace safety by automatically providing the operator with real-time information about nearby airplanes and helicopters.

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