Ram Mount - Quick Grip Spring Loaded Phone Cradle

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This phone clamp for range poles includes the claw and will fit all the survey range poles in our inventory.  This kit includes the arm and claw components.

The RAM Quick-Grip™ device mount is capable of holding a broad range of electronic devices. The spring-loaded mechanism and the adjustable side keepers allow for a secure grip on your device. Whether it is a cell, GPS, blue tooth speaker or anything that will fit the dimensions of the cradle, your electronics will be secure. 

Included is a set of two nuts and bolts to connect the cradle to any RAM components or mounts that contain the universal AMPs hole pattern. Rubber caps are included for additional support for the top and bottom fingers. 

Cradle Clamping Dimensions:
Height Range: 4.75" - 5.75"
Width Range: 1.25" - 3.25"

Product consists of holder only. Mobile device case not included.

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