TruPulse 200X

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TruPulse 200 Laser Rangefinder

The TruPulse 200X model measures distances and heights and is available in LTI red. It comes standard with a serial port, offers in-scope data display with 7x power optics and runs on 1 CR123A battery.

Key Features and Enhancements:

    • Achieves the highest distance and inclination accuracy
    • Adjusts to varying lighting conditions using the in-scope LED display
    • Withstands harsh conditions with rugged, waterproof housing


Key Features In All TruPulse Laser Rangefinders:

    • Measures Slope Distance (SD) + Inclination (INC) in Degrees or Percent
    • Calculates Horizontal Distance (HD) + Vertical Distance (VD) + Height (HT) + 2D Missing Line (ML)
    • Distinguishes the desired target from surrounding obstructions with Closest + Farthest + Continuous + Filter modes
    • Mounts to tripods and has quality optics that enhance your field of view

TruPulse 200 Series | Overview

LTI's dedication to high quality and unmatched innovation has allowed the TruPulse series to withstand the test of time. It's almost an insult to even call these powerful measurement tools a "Laser Rangefinder" because their capabilities go far beyond just measuring a range. You can instantly measure slope distance, inclination, and azimuth* and calculate horizontal and vertical distance - all with a single push of a button.

TruPulse 200 & 200X laser range finders 
TruPulse 200 Series
Laser Rangefinders

The TruPulse 200L and 200 models have just been just been revamped and now are better than ever with new enhancements and improvements. Offering higher accuracy, better target acquisition and higher range resolution these lasers are just another example of LTI's dedication to bringing the highest level of quality and innovation to the world.

From the 200L, our most affordable professional laser rangefinder, to the 200 and the 200X, you are able to capture the measurement needed with accuracy, confidence, and ease of use.

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