How to Setup Esri's New Collector to Capture Orthometric Heights

This how-to workflow is designed for the New Collector from Esri, formerly known as the Aurora project.  This will only capture live Orthometric heights with an Eos Arrow receiver running the Geoid12B in the Eos Tools Pro app.  Doing that will allow Collector points to capture real-time NAVD88 elevations.

How to Collect Orthometric Heights in ESRI Collector

1. Using ArcGIS Pro or ArcGIS Desktop: Create a new feature class with z values enabled and with a vertical datum of "NAVD 1988" (WKID 5703). 
2. Run Eos ESRI GNSS script on the feature class to automatically add all available GNSS metadata fields. 
3. Publish   new layer   to ArcGIS Online. 
4. Create web map. 
        Add feature service(hosted feature class) to web map. 
        Configure the pop-up to display the orthometric height: 
            1. Find the layer in the Contents pane on the left hand side.
            2. Open the layer menu and select “Configure Pop-up”.
            3. Click the “ADD” button under the Attribute Expressions section.
            4. Copy & paste  Geometry($feature).Z in to the expression box then click the “Okay” button.
            5. Click “Ok” to get out of the configure pop-up menu. 
            6. Save the map.

Full Walk-Through Below:

1. Create a new feature class

Create a new feature class in the ArcGIS Pro project geodatabase.

Right-click on the geodatabase -> New -> Feature Class.

Create new feature class

Give the layer a name, select a point as the layer type, then make sure Z values are enabled in the new layer.

Z-Values are enabled by default in ArcGIS Pro, but double check.

Make sure layer is Z enabled

Define the horizontal & vertical coordinate systems.

Horizontal Coordinate System needs to match the basemap.
Default is WGS 1984 Web Mercator Auxilary Sphere.

Vertical Coordinate System needs to match the vertical datum of the GNSS receiver.
If using Geoid12B, the choice should be NAVD88.

Define coordinate systems

Automatically add GNSS Metadata fields with Collector-Utils Toolbox provided by ESRI.

Run Collector-Utils Add GNSS Metadata Tool

Run Add GNSS Metadata tool

2. Share the new layer to ArcGIS Online

Delete the basemap before sharing to ArcGIS Online.

Remove basemap layers

Publish the layer to ArcGIS Online using the Share tab.

Share layer to ArcGIS Online

Enable editing for the layer. This is required for use in Collector. You will not be able to see the map in Collector if the layer is non-editable.

Share layer to AGOL
Share to AGOL

3. Create Web Map

Open a new blank web map in ArcGIS Online & Add the layer.
Create web map & add layer

4. Configure pop-up to display the Z-Value(from geometry)

Configure pop-upConfigure Popup

Use the following Arcade expression to pull the Z value from the geometry.


5. Viewing the collected orthometric heights in Collector

Once a feature is collected, scroll down to view the feature attributes and look for the ortho metric height field. Note that the field name is set in step 4 during the pop-up configuration.

Current limitations: This field will only be displayed in the Collector application with a live map. Offline maps will not display ortho heights at this time. You may also pull the layer into ArcGIS Pro to extract the ortho heights. Use the "Add XY" tool to do so.
Viewing ortho heights in Collector