DIY Antenna Clip for iSXBlue and Arrows

DIY a Clip Attachment for Your External Antenna

While we still recommend holding external antennas with either the GPS Hat, GPS Vest or a range pole for the best results with submeter GPS/GNSS receivers, we recognize that the GPS Hat isn’t the most stylish article of clothing in your closet.

Based on many users preferred workflow for hands-free setup, we have created a short video showing how to create an antenna attachment clip with your existing submeter GPS/GNSS equipment and two strips of velcro. We do have to credit our client Driscoll’s Farms for the velcro idea and others that have used velcro strips to attach the antenna to their hard hats.

For all our rentals going forward, we will include this antenna clip and for sales, we can create this setup for our clients at their request.