Carbon Fiber 2 Meter Adjustable-Height Range Pole

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Carbon Fiber 2-Meter Adjustable Locking Range Pole

1-piece construction featuring quick setup/breakdown design with two locking systems:

    • Push button snapping locks at predefined positions
      • 1.60 meter (5.249 feet)
      • 1.80 meter (5.905 feet)
      • 2.00 meter (6.562 feet)
    • Twist lock compression collar to set custom heights
    • All carbon fiber construction
    • Features standard 5/8" male tip for mounting GPS receiver, antenna, or other devices
    • Collapsed height is 1.34 meter (4.4 feet)
    • Lightweight, only 1.6lb (726g)
    • Easy to read Yellow Adjustable Bubble and "O" ring for positive fit
    • Padded carrying bag and padded handle
    • Bag has interior straps to hold the pole in place during travel
    • 32mm diameter

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