Anatum's Expertise Displayed in ESRI Newsletter

Anatum’s depth of experience working with Esri’s Collector and GNSS Equipment for Mobile GIS Solutions for enterprises was published in Fall 2016 edition of Esri News for Water & Wastewater

The most recent edition of Esri’s Newsletter for their Water and Wastewater division features Anatum’s blog article on the advancements of this last summer’s release of Collector version 10.4 and high-accuracy GNSS receivers.  The full Newsletter can be viewed HERE.

You can also view the full article discussing how this Mobile GIS solution works together previously published on our Blog, HERE 

This recent copy of Esri’s newsletter was also a big win for Eos Positioning Systems and iPads.  Two of the three articles in the newsletter were focused on field data collection with Eos GNSS receivers paired with iPads.  The article discussing the field solution by Le-Ax Water District shows the advances in data collection and time savings achieved by using Eos’s Arrow 100 GNSS, while Anatum’s article displayed the capability of Eos’s Arrow 200 RTK receiver.

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