Adding GNSS Metadata Fields for Esri Collector
As users begin to deploy Esri’s Collector for their field data collection, the most common question we get is about applying the satellite metadata capture from the external Bluetooth GPS or GNSS receiver and how to push the collection form to ArcGIS Online so field users can access the data in Collector.

The metadata fields consist of:
  • Receiver name
  • Latitude/Longitude/Elevation
  • Estimated horizontal accuracy
  • Estimated vertical accuracy
  • Numbers of satellites tracked
  • Fix type
  • Correction age

All very valuable data fields and one of the aspects that sets Collector apart from other Mobile GIS apps.

To set this automatic metadata capture up in your Collector forms you must first visit Esri’s Github page and download the CollectorUtils Toolbox. This is much easier than trying to use the Python script. You can find that page HERE.

Once you have completed that download, you can watch our video tutorial posted below for how to activate the metadata capture fields when you set up your project’s data collection forms before pushing it to ArcGIS Online.

Please contact us if you have any questions!